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Slide Lamex 252

Lamex is a perfect combination of best-in-class extrusion technology from Rajoo and the best web handling solution from Kohli.

Offered with different configurations, from Mono and Co-Extrusion to In-line Tandem Multistage Extrusion, Lamex is an environment friendly process to combine multiple substrates like Polyster, BOPP, Paper, Aluminum Foil and PE.

Extrusion coating and lamination is used in a wide range of applications: from food packaging, aseptic packaging, medical packaging to paper cups and carton packaging for liquids.

Product Range
Lamex 252
Technical Data
Lamex 252 360
Web width mm 800 to 1600
Production speed m/min 250 350
Type of Lamination Extrusion
Options In-line Tandem Extrusion for Multiple Layers