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In 1972, equipped with a huge ambition, Kohli, embarks on its journey from a humble workshop.

During the first decade (1972-1982), Kohli focused intensely on the domestic market in India, carefully developing a strong reputation for its products and services. After securing a large market share in India, by mid-nineties, Kohli diverted its attention to exports. With the ability and focus to offer efficient and well-designed machines with an emphasis on customer care, Kohli witnessed exponential growth within the first two decades of business. By 1990, Kohli Industries inaugurated a state-of-the-art facility dedicating a huge investment to research and development. As of 2018, Kohli Industries has successfully installed more than 1,500 machine in over 30 countries.


Here at Kohli, customer satisfaction and productivity is of the utmost importance. Kohli is well reputed for their integrity, reliability, quality and willingness to accept challenges. We believe this is because our foundation is strongly built on effective teamwork, excellent communication and a healthy work environment.


Leading the flexible packaging industry with engineering excellence and personalized customer care.