What is the company’s history?

In 1972, Kohli Industries opened for business in a small workshop, equipped with minor investment but huge ambition and a long-term vision for our industry.

Kohli Industries grew exponentially over the next two decades.

By mid-nineties we shifted to a bigger warehouse and by the turn of the century, demand for
our products was so high that we moved to the large facility we currently inhabit.

As our business continues to grow, we have invested in land nearby our factory in order to facilitate further expansion.

As of 2013, we sell our machines directly to twenty two countries.

If we include our machines that are sold by European OEM’s under their own brand label, the number of countries rises to 28.

What has been the key to Kohli's success?

From the very start, we have adopted a client-oriented approach.

This means that throughout the process of designing and building our machines, we actively encourage feedback from our clients to ensure that they are, among other things, operator friendly and that maintenance costs remain low.

While we pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge of technological improvements within our sector, we never lose sight of how important it is to make sure that we put our client at the heart of every decision we make.

We pride ourselves in being the most innovative company in our sector while incorporating our client’s needs.

This allows us to establish long-term working relationships with all our clients.

What machines does Kohli specialise in?

We specialise in :

  • Rotogravure printing presses
  • Lamination machines
  • Coating machines
  • Slitting machines

Thanks to our strong design capability we also cater to custom designed machines for special applications.

The following are examples of some special machines we have made:

Special printing machines :
  • printing and inline register lamination of two webs for security industry
  • printing for decorative laminates
  • printing of wallpaper
Special lamination machines :
  • Register lamination of two pre-printed webs
  • Lamination of pressure sensitive label stock
Special coating machines :
  • Register coating on pre-printed material
  • Inline two or more coatings on the same side of substrate
  • Inline two or more coatings on both sides of substrate
  • Hot melt coating
  • Dip coating
  • Self adhesive coating